What to do when finances are a set back

Denver Dominatrix Isobel Devi and her slave enjoying a snack.

     Sometimes life gives us lemons and nobody wants to buy lemonade. This is not my problem and you would be wise to not bring it to my attention in a futile hope for a charitable donation for your cause. I am not a charity and you may have nothing for free. However, if money is an issue I have tasks that can be done in exchange for rewards in personal attention.  Think of them as slave quests.

      The very first thing you should do is follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Free, high quality content is uploaded there every day. DO NOT DM me unless requested to do so. Subscribe to notifications and engage with and share my important content such as schedule updates and kinky advice. 

My YouTube channel is also free and offers advice for latex enthusiasts like myself. Subscribing to it and engaging with my content helps my visibility, so even if you cannot contribute with more than your time and attention, others who can will have a better chance of finding me.

Polite, platform specific terms of service appropriate comments are always welcomed and a preferred way for me to engage with my community. Feel free to ask questions, if you are wondering, someone else might be too. As long as you are kind and thoughtful about it, it will be a positive contribution.

     Rewards for excellent virtual service will be awarded on a case by case basis. Ways to gain my favor include promotion of my work and projects, support in the community by recommending me as a professional to others, and  completing free tasks that aid me through my work days. Free tasks are always posted on My twitter. Types of rewards include permissions to DM, free niteflirt minutes, and custom photos or mini clips. 

     In addition to support, recognizing content of mine that has been pirated and reporting it to the appropriate party, such as the platform moderation team or myself, is a perfect example of being in virtual service of your dominant. This includes events and businesses that have used my photos without crediting me, tube sites that have ripped off my clips, and impostor profiles pretending to be me and marring my image with scam activity.

     I am grateful for any and all selfless service I receive from my subjects.