New Things

This year I got the best presents and it is not even Christmas yet 🙂 I feel so fortunate and grateful, and you, My dear reader, should too. Because unlike regular politics, trickle down benefits are thing in My weird Queendom of perversion.

First off you should know by now I have moved to Arvada. What this means for you is relative to your personal rapport with Me. Some of you good little things will have the incredible opportunity of domestic service. If this is not yet available to you, do not feel vexed. Everyone has an equal chance of earning this privilege and it is entirely up to you to show Me that you are ready for the honor. If you are interested in this, you may politely request that you are placed on a list of domestic hopefuls. Detailed instructions about this type of service will come soon.

​ Moving along, there is a brand new play space in town and I am incredibly excited to say I will be working with Mistress Nicci, the owner of said lovely new space, on a weekly basis to bring you exciting new clips, cam shows, classes, more domestic opportunities, and real Femdom events.

​ 2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year for the Colorado Femdom community. Be a part of this dream team and help Us check off some thing from Our wish lists this year. We have been naughty in the nicest possible way 🙂

Princess Isobel’s Wishes

Mistress Nicci’s Wishes

Double Domination Sessions with Mistress Nicci will be possible starting December 26, 2018.