Medical Play

Nurse Devi will see you now.

Who could resist the charm of a uniform? Much less the attractive white ensemble or those dashing blue scrubs. Realistically our medical staff hasn’t been subject to objectifying clothing requirements for decades though, so the feeling is definitely cerebral. Whether you’re a fan of scrubs, a fan of being cared for by an experienced caregiver, just love feeling at the mercy of someone in charge of your shaky health conditions, or some other attractive scenario involving doctors and hospitals, medical play offers a wide and exciting variety of ideas to play with. 

For me it’s the role play. I love dressing up in those unrealistic themed costumes and twisting that annual exam into a humiliating scenario, leaving my patient exposed and at my mercy. Do you want that lollipop? You better bend over and cough…

Favorites are not my thing – here are a handful of medical play scenarios that get my mercury rising. 

The Pelvic Exam

Maintaining a healthy pelvic floor is paramount for a comfortable and satisfying sex life. The Center for Debauchery Control suggests annual pelvic exams for all humans with a vagina to ensure no health conditions have a chance to develop past the point of intervention.

A typical pelvic exam includes all basic health measurements, manual examination of the outer and inner pelvis, collecting biological samples with the help of a speculum and cotton tipped wand, and a standard breast cancer screening. Nurse Devi takes the health of her patients with the highest regard.

Needle Play

Life is stressful and complex. When the spirit feels deflated and unfulfilled, experimenting with sensation play can help revive some of the lost vigor. Needle Play is both exciting and meditative. A hand full of needles adorning the body will awaken the senses, but a beautiful spread of 100 or more aesthetically placed hypodermic needles have the potential to transport the mind to heights and depths only accessible to those willing to endure hundreds of tiny puncture wounds to the torso, arms, legs, and for the true masochists, the face. 

Needle play, like all other play involving breaking of the skin, is not recommended for those with excessive bleeding issues or people with sharp intolerances to seeing blood.

The Gender Reassignment

That lifelong feeling of inadequacy is not by chance. Things didn’t quite wire up right for you from the start and the reason nothing has helped is because you got sifted into the wrong category at birth. Nurse Devi is here to help. Together we will explore options to get you feeling like your true self. Treatments are individual and include a range of options from lifestyle changes to full physical alterations that will transform your unfitting genitals into the ones you were always meant to have.


Not happy with the look or feel of your genitals? Consider beautifying procedures like urethral stretching, genital piercings, branding and carving, or tattooing. A tiny urethra can feel embarrassing and unfulfilling. With some diligence, Nurse Devi can help reach your most ambitious dreams. Let’s celebrate by sliping a high heel in there at the end of your procedure.

Urethral stretching is not permanent and after achieving your desired level of openness some maintenance will need to be done to preserve your new stretched out look.

Advanced Disorder Investigation and Treatment

We wish that all conditions fit into a simple box with easy to pin down treatment and medication options. Alas not all conditions arise equally and some ailments are notoriously difficult to pin down and treat.

Here at the Kink Asylum we take pride in our investigative medical work. With head nurse Devi on staff you can bet that any problem, no matter how bizarre and complex, will receive the proper attention and effort until a viable solution is found. Some of our methods may seem unorthodox, and even strange, but it is our primary focus to find relief for our patients any way we can. 

Thank you for entrusting your health to our facility.